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Originally the company started of as a small garage in 1980 with only 1 mechanic. The garage was called ‘Raju Motors’ and was based in Aldgate. 10 years later due to sheer dedicated commitment and handwork, Everest Motors Ltd was born in 1990. At the time it was one of the largest singularly owned garages in east London. Since then the company has grown and expanded it self – however it still remains a family run business.

Everest Motors Ltd will now be entering its 25th anniversary as a car service centre. As well as the workshop the Everest Group also includes a subsidiary company called All Parts Direct, which is an automotive parts distribution and retail company. However we are proud to announce that we have now been successfully been in the manufacturing business of high performance spark leads for over 10 years. We have over 800 part numbers and growing – currently holding more part numbers in range than our competitor.

The growth and development of the company has only been possible because of the hard work and dedicated involvement of all its employees. In addition the company has shown the ability over the years to take advantage of opportunities as and when they arise. This combination of commitment and entrepreneurial management has made Everest Motors Ltd what it is today – A DREAM - that started 36 years ago.

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