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Service Recommendtions

    There is No Need To Service On Dates  If you Dont Drive  more then 3,000 Miles just general​ Check up Will  be fine 

    If You Drive up to 6,000 miles Then The Service Below is Recommendtions in year

      Type of Service Interim  6,000 Mile Service

       : Change Oil & Filtter

       : Check Tyre &  pressure

       : Check All Top Ups,

       : brake fluid

       : Anti Freeze

       : Screen Wash

       : Check all Lights




           When As often as  12,000 miles
Vehicle Interior
Check instruments, gauges, warning lights
Check horn
Check windscreen wipers
Check Adblue/Eolys warning light
Check interior lights
Check clutch operation (manual only)
Check seat belts
Reset service light
Check climate control/ air con system 
Check engine diagnostic codes
Vehicle Exterior
Check exterior lights & lamps
Check doors – operation and condition
Check boot – operation and condition
Check fuel cap – operation and condition
Check mirrors – operation and condition
Pre Alignment Check
Check steering, suspension linkages and ball joints for wear, damage and condition
Suspension – check shock absorbers & springs
Full tyre inspection (tread, pressure and alignment check) 
TPMS inspection
Under the bonnet 
Check battery 
Check battery wiring
Test electrics (battery, alternator, starter motor)
Check coolant level (strength and condition)
Check brake fluid (boiling point and condition)
Check bonnet catch operation
Check brake pipes & hoses
Check power steering fluid & top up (if required)
Check auxiliary drive belt and adjust (if required)
Check radiator and coolant hoses
Under the Vehicle
Visual brake check
Full brake inspection 
Check fuel pipes for routing, damage & corrosion
Check engine, transmission and rear axle Train Drive
Check drive shaft joints and gaiters for wear and damage
Check exhaust system and mountings
Service Item Replacement
Replace engine oil and filter
Top up windscreen washer fluid
Replace fuel filter (diesel vehicles)
Replace air filter
Final Checks
Vehicle road test 
Stamp service book